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A National Coalition To Bring More Awareness to Missing Children & Adults


Our HOPE and this site’s over-all purpose, is to best ensure that no one missing is ever forgotten. There are  over a million missing people in the United States, which includes over 300,000 children. Every one of these people need and deserve our help. Every citizen in America should be conscious of who is missing from their area and keep a watchful eye wherever they go.  It’s so easy to forget that the problem exists.  If we are not always aware, someone missing could be standing right in front of us needing our help.

Awareness is power!  We intend to keep America aware, through periodic national vigils, media coverage and this site.

*Help Find Us
Upon request from the family, law enforcement, or volunteers working on a missing person’s case, we will add any missing child or adult’s missing person’s flyer on the website under *Help Find Us

Missing person events and non-profit organization’s community outreach efforts will be posted on the calendar upon request from family members, organizations, or committee members from certain events. If our committee comes across postings or receive invitations to events that are directed in the search efforts of a missing person, community outreach and safety programs, or special events we will periodically post the event as long as there is contact information and/or a link to the event.

Disclosure: The National Vigil For Hope is a coalition comprised of businesses, organizations, and individuals throughout communities across the country who believe the power of prayer, hope, and awareness can help bring more positive results in finding the missing children and adults that need to come home to their families.  The National Vigil For Hope is a public awareness endeavor in communities across the country; the event is hosted by volunteers and organized by a volunteer committee that own, operate, and manage businesses and organizations in the United States. No funds are collected or made, for the objective of bringing more awareness to those missing.